About Michele

Michele Lee Nieves is a life coach, author and content creator dedicated to helping those that have been victims of narcissistic abuse, whether it was abuse by a parent, spouse, friend, family member or coworker.

Background Information

Raised by a narcissistic mother, she attempted suicide at 15, because death seemed more of a comfort than living, due to the overwhelming feelings of being flawed, tainted and never “enough." 

While surviving that near fatal attempt, Michele saw the need to leave her home in order to survive and thus ran away at 16 years old leaving nothing but a note on her mother’s bed. With no money in her pocket, no place to go and simply the gut instinct of knowing that anything was better than where she was at that time, she left and never looked back. 

She thought that by running away she would be safe; she had no idea that she would gravitate to all that was familiar. As an empath and a people pleaser, she had no idea that narcissists would gravitate to her like shark to blood until she spent another 15 years surrounded by other family members that were malignant narcissists.

But history has a strange way of repeating itself, for once again she left a note, had no money and no place to go and this time had two kids tucked under her arms. Scared, but armed with the knowledge that protecting herself and most importantly her children, she mustered up the strength to leave that toxic life. 

After accumulating 31 years of abuse, she finally learned about narcissism and her past seemed to join together like missing puzzle pieces finally being connected.

Michele's Mission

It wasn’t enough though, for her to “make sense” of her life….she wanted to be free, to feel healthy within, to love herself and become the truest and best version of herself. 

It took time, effort and much self-compassion and patience but IT WAS WORTH IT!!! 

Michele now dedicates her time to helping others overcome the beliefs, the pains and the past that holds them back due to the effects of narcissistic abuse, or any emotional abuse brought about by cluster b personalities,  so that they too can thrive in life. 

Michele is someone who has truly “been there”, she is someone that has learned about the traumatic effect of narcissistic abuse through firsthand experience. She understands the seemingly long, unfamiliar and difficult journey toward recovery. We all need to take that journey in order to heal, but we do not have to take it alone.


Thousands of people have been uplifted, encouraged, and enlightened by her YouTube channel where you are invited to join her from the beginning steps of her own journey to heal, to where she is today,striving to inspire and assist others on their own personal journey. 

Her video conferencing, email support and coaching have proven to be invaluable as a compliment to existing traditional forms of psychotherapy.    Michele has sold thousands of her interactive self help journal in  PDF form entitled “I Miss Me And I Want Me Back,” which has been an excellent tool assisting in healing unresolved issues from the past, breaking the intense emotional pain due to flashbacks of a life of narcissistic abuse, and ultimately discovering and sharing the importance of self-care and self-love. 

She has also made available the PDF entitled “When The Devil’s The Defendant,” which has been designed to assist victims that are going to court for custody and/or visitation against a narcissist. Going to court for custody and visitation is stressful enough, however add to the fact that the other parent is a narcissist and stress gets trumped into a nightmare. Many of us trust that truth will prevail, that justice will always be served and for the most part the court system is dedicated to those very causes. A narcissist however, transforms in the courtroom and his false image is not only believed by lawyers, judges and psychiatrists but it also triggers the victim into reacting in ways that remove all credibility.  This pdf was designed to help victims, whether fathers or mothers, who are fighting for the best interests of their children against a narcissist. Knowing what to expect, knowing how to portray yourself and how to gather your evidence is vital and this PDF, along with the assistance of each individuals lawyer when applicable, has helped thousands of thrivers to prepare for the fight of their life. 


Other Services Available

 Michele offers coaching via Zoom Conferencing, (a free app), as well as email support and has worked with people all over the world from Norway, Turkey, Africa, The United States, India and Mexico among others.  Having had to walk the majority of her journey to heal on her own, it is her goal to make sure that anyone wanting and needing help in their recovery receives a compassionate and caring helping hand from someone who truly understands

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Are you going to court against a narcissist?

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